Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Fascia Boards

     Today the fascia boards were put up on their brackets. Here is the first one up. The installation instructions were 'Just clip them on' but in real life it was much more difficult. It ended up being easier to slide them in from the end.

     And then the second fascia board had to be cut to size, as for some reason they have given the pieces to us at 5.4m long each, even though the house is only 10m long - not 10.8m. We used our wonderful new cordless drill with our new nibbler attachment. It was a bit fiddley to get around the multiple bent corners on each side, requiring some fiddling with tin snips, a hack saw and some vice grips, but got there in the end. Those nibblers are fantastic! - easy to cut through the metal and giving quite a clean edge. Just required a little clean-up with a file.

     Then the two pieces needed to be joined with a special joining piece, with some holes screwed through and then the pieces riveted together. Today it was almost finished, hopefully it will be fully finished tomorrow.

     Then the next step will be the gutters, which need to be pre-assembled and then clipped onto the fascia board. And this is only one side of the house - all of this will need to be repeated on the other side.

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